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Be happy not hazy!

Here you can find our two superb alcohol free bottled beers, alongside a range of merchandise. Place an order for your pack of 6, 12 or 24. All our beer is alcohol free, low calorie, vegan friendly, and low gluten, as well as tasting delicious! You can buy Allday Pale, Everyday Lager, or a mixed pack to try and sample the best of both worlds – discover a world where the absence of alcohol signifies not a lack, but an abundance of possibilities.

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Crisp, refreshing alcohol-free lager
Bright, hoppy alcohol-free pale ale
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Allday and Everyday

Whether you prefer the subtle bitterness of a pale ale or the smoothness of a lager, each batch is meticulously brewed, ensuring consistent quality and taste in every bottle.  Explore our range of alcohol free bottled beers and find the perfect beer to elevate your moments without the buzz.

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Stock Our Alcohol Free Draught Beer 

If you enjoy these beers and are interested in stocking them in your bar or restaurant, 

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You can also order our alcohol free draught beer by calling Kate on 07377 561592





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